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Creating value for the emerging markets

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MATS brings synergy to the world of mobile and card payment by acting like a one-stop payment service provider for payment and money transfer services. We bridge the gap between customers, agents, merchants and service providers by transforming the complexities that comes with payment across multiple channels into a single, secured and convenient channel.

Merchant/Biller Services

If you are a business owner who receives payment in exchange for goods and services from your customers or you are a service or utility provider, MATS is your one-stop payment service to assist you in collectingpayment from your customers through various channels into a single account of your choice electronically. That long checkout or payment queue in your store (physical or online) can be avoided and managed by receiving payment through MATS.

If you want satisfied customers following the completion of their transactions or engagement with you, give MATS a trial to not only have your customers satisfied, but also leave you astonished at the convenience.

Our merchant services include :

  • Accept payments via multiple channels
  • Merchant services portal
  • Online Reporting

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At the core of our business is a fast, reliable and highly secured platform which aggregate payments from different sources or channels

  • Utility payment
  • Bill Payment

Website Integration


Money Transfer

Through our aggregator platform, money transfer has just become made easier. It allows customers to transfer money across different service providers without necessarily having accounts with them.

  • MoneyGram
  • Western Union

Top up

  • Mobile phone top up (Through our agent outlets, your mobile phone can be topped up from any network provider)
  • Prepaid cards

Agent Management Experience

MATS to provide Professional Management services across the nation with experienced and well-trained agent team to man the field providing Agent Management Services to a wide range of organizations.

MATS will offer the following:

  • Excellent Agent Management Platform
  • Acquire and develop relationship within the industry
  • Total, Interswitch, Unified Payments etc

Agency Network

MATS’ Agency Network cuts across Africa to reach out to a wider range of customers. We have a presence within 36 states in Nigeria where we provide a service to customers of different financial service providers.

  • Through our disperse Agent Network, we deliver agent Banking services for Banks
  • Customer Registration: Our services are geared towards signing up new customers

Structured Agent On boarding

MATS Agent locations is set to recruit up to 500 Agents to cover the 500 locations nationwide. This is based strictly on professionally designed Agent recruitment guidelines with emphasis on the following:

  • On-going verification of all Total service station agent locations
  • Location qualification based on security
  • Conduct of security background and viability check around the locations
  • Confirmation of community acceptance of Agents
  • Standardised set-up and equipment requirements
  • Appropriate training administered to location staff
  • Biometric data capture of approved recruited agents/staff
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