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Is MATS a MobileMoney service?

No, MATS is an open agency & merchant services provider to all licensed mobilemoney, agency banking and other service providers in Nigeria. The organization does not operate a wallet of its own nor sign up its own subscribers, rather the firm works with licensed banks, mobilemoney providers, utilities, Mobile network operators in Nigeria etc.

How do I get started as a customer?

You need to sign up for any licensed mobilemoney provider in Nigeria and fund your wallet at agent locations or any partner Bank branches.

How will I be supported?

We have multi vendor support specialists in-house to attend to customers in event of any challenges while transacting with MATS. Depending on the problem encountered, the mobile money provider will be contacted and issues resolved in a timely manner.

What services can i conduct as MATS agent outlets?

o CASH IN: Deposit money into your MOBILEMONEY account through MATS agents network.
o SEND MONEY: Send money to any one in Nigeria using your card or cash at agent locations nationwide.
o WITHDRAW MONEY: Withdraw money from your Mobile Money or Bank account via your card at MATS Agent outlets.
o MAKE PURCHASES: Purchase goods and services at select outlets using MobileMoney.
o PAY BILLS: Pay bills for PAY services, electricity, water, and DSTV.

How does mobile money work?

For starters, You will need to register and load Money cash at any Agents location in your community or outside your community. You need to locate an agent and ask for cash loading services. Upon acceptance by the agent and processing, You will receive a confirmatory SMS for this transaction and likewise the Agent. You may then commence transactions like sending money from your own mobile, pay for goods and services from your mobile phone.You may also load your cash at MATS agent outlets.

How do i know the agents locations?

We are outlets are located in TOTAL GAS STATION Nation wide and we also have partner agents that are strategically located in towns and cities where we operate. They are also branded in the MATS color of Red. You may also contact the service centre for agent’s locations in your community.

Am i limited to conduct transactions at agent outlet where i registered initially?

NO. You will be able to carry out transactions at any MATS Agency outlet, anywhere they are located in Nigeria.

How do i know the fees charges for transactions?

All applicable fees are displayed at Agents outlets nationwide and our website.


Users can register for any of our partner’s mobilemoney account, agency banking and other services at the MATS outlets nationwide.

What services can I conduct at a MATS Agent outlet

Buy airtime, pay Tv subscriptions, power and water utilities, Receive and transfer money locally, receive international remittances in local currencies, conduct basic financial services.

What is MATS service?

MATS is a easy to use ecommerce application that enables existing subscribers of mobile money providers in Nigeria to pay for goods and other services online and at outlets using their mobile wallets as means of payment. It is easy and secure. Mobile Money providers can reach more market segments, transact more and keep their loyal customers. The merchants can sell more by accepting mobile money from all providers in Nigeria while the customer can shop any time and anywhere, securely and conveniently from their mobile wallets without the risk associated with using their Bank debit cards or credit cards at physical merchant outlets and online.

How does the MATS gateway work?

Online stores, Businesses, Churches, NGO, Governments, Micro finance institutions can simply integrate MATS aggregated application into their current payment thereby offering customers the ability to pay for goods and services.

Why should I accept mobile money from all providers in Nigeria?

Mobile payment is changing the way Africans do Business. With limited access to basic financial services and limitation of international credit cards in Nigeria, Mobile payment is a secured and simple way of reaching millions with or without access. With more than 18 mobile money providers in Nigeria, accepting payments from all of them will ensure you do not lose a customer to your competition.

What transaction fees are charged?

MATS charges a flat fee of 1% on merchant transaction services and provider’s tariff apply for agency transactions where Customers only pay their normal applicable fees for the mobilemoney services. We do not charge the customer nor do we have monthly transaction fees, integration cost or any hidden charge for the customers, merchants and agents.

Which MobileMoney providers do we work with?

MATS is actively working on deploying the services of all licensed providers in Nigeria The full list of providers already active on the MATS platform can be found HERE. We are working on making all the mobile money providers available in near future.

How do I get started as a Merchant?

Fill our Merchant request form HERE and we will send you the full registration documentation. Upon review of the filled documentation and conducting of the know-your-merchant processes, You will be notified of the outcomes and integration plans.This process will not exceed three working days.


Increase your online and Physical outlets sales by accepting mobile money from all providers in Nigeria.Earn decent commission as an agent to muiltiple mobilemoney, agency banking and other service providers.

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